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Full Time from October 14th, 2017

Our vision is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our students and their communities. The role of Quality Coordinator is key to ensuring optimal Tutor success through supporting tutor capability and performance. The position is part of the Quality Team, and works across the business, driving, coordinating, supporting and coaching for academic excellence.

This position reports to the National Quality Manager.

Key Accountabilities:
Programme Management
  • Ensure a personal thorough knowledge of all programmes of study is achieved and maintained, create and implement a programme review process and timeline for each one
  • Research and develop central resources for new and existing programmes that will promote teaching excellence, enhance academic programmes in conjunction with Senior Tutors/Programme Leaders/HODs who will facilitate team understanding
  • Ensure changes to the NZQA National Qualifications Framework are monitored and factored into programme reviews and changes
  • Research and develop resources to support any programme changes within NZMA which incorporate planning, financial, cultural and practical issues that need to be considered during the development and production of the resource.
  • Ensure that new resources are technically accurate, have been developed in an appropriate way, and support relevant NZMA and NZQA requirements.
  • Ensure that there is a clear rationale for the resource to be developed. Resource development should be responsive to an emergent issue, project or part of a planned change in programme delivery.
  • Conduct needs assessment where necessary before developing resources where costs may be substantial.
  • Coordinate the pre-moderation of all new resources including modifications of old resources.
  • Coordinate resources necessary for all courses and coordinate and lead an on-going process of continuous and integrated resource development
  • Support programme and professional development days across the academies to continually improve and develop programme structure, content, resources and assessments
  • In conjunction with Campus Managers, organise and maintain active involvement in Industry Advisory Group meetings and other events to remain aware of industry requirements and how these need to be met by our programmes of study
  • Use stakeholder feedback on programmes to modify programme structure, content, resources and assessments
  • Facilitate and drive the process of programme resource development through the creation of an annual resource development schedule, regular review meetings, tasking academic staff to complete regular (monthly) tasks; updating student manuals, reviewing textbooks and teaching resources
  • Facilitate the input of Campus Leadership, Senior Tutors, HODs and Tutors into all programme development and qualification development changes
  • Actively support and coordinate the sharing of best practice teaching resources throughout the teaching team, across all academies
  • Write NZQA application
  • As and when required, analyse cross credit and advanced standing applications where the scope is outside the ability of Student Services
  • Drive the implementation of e-learning strategies across all academies; this includes the use of Facebook as a teaching resources  Academic Programme Processes:
  • Ensure that the QMS is a ‘living document’ and make the necessary changes to the QMS to ensure that it reflects changes to organisational systems and processes.
  • Support and facilitate a thorough understanding of the QMS across and throughout the teaching discipline team, including Programme Leaders, Senior Tutors and Tutors
  • Support tutor understanding of the moderation processes in practice throughout NZMA – coordinate with the Senior Tutors and HODs to deliver on this.
  • Drive and support the implementation of the moderation processes (pre and post) through Senior Tutors and HODs at each campus – liaise closely with other members of the Quality Team where required.
  • Support tutor understanding of the assessment processes and requirements
  • Support the assessment process through providing resources, updating assessment versions and updating course planners
  • Work closely with the HODs and Senior Tutors to facilitate, support and monitor academic staff involvement in developing and handing in training plans, handouts and resource lists for upcoming delivery sessions.
  • Work with HODs and Senior Tutors to support them in continually improving their lesson plans and teaching resources and to support their teams in doing the same.
  • Support HODs and Senior Tutors to monitor and observe classroom delivery coupled with standards of assessment, analyse the feedback and provide areas of academic support identified
  • Keep the National Quality Manager informed of any significant areas of concern with process implementation and follow-up on these where required
  • Liaise with Campus Leadership on the performance of HODs and Senior Tutors in the implementation of all required academic processes and teaching delivery and management of their teams. Support the identification and addressing of specific development needs
  • Actively drive the development and on-going improvement of a tutor role induction for all new teaching staff – facilitate and implement this across the discipline teaching team, work with HODs and Senior Tutors to ensure they are fully involved in the induction of new tutors
  • Support staff development needs with an emphasis on 4098, NCAET5 and NCALE across the teaching team – communicate these to the National Quality Manager/Campus Leaders and ensure they are incorporated into planned PD days
    Academic Leadership, Coaching and Mentorship:
  • Act as an ambassador for the ACG Tertiary and Careers Division (T&C) at all times and perform the duties of the position in accordance with the core values of Respect, Excellence, Aspiration and Learning
  • Act as a role model for tutors within T&C, ensure that  behaviour, conduct, appearance, attitude and dress are of the required standard
  • Meet regularly with HODs and Senior Tutors to support and offer advice and guidance
  • Create opportunities where practical for discipline tutors to meet, share ideas, best practice and resources
  • Monitor the academic performance measures for students, including Course Completions and Qualifications Gained – provide coaching support to tutors where poor student progress/low outcomes indicate that this is required, in conjunction with the Campus Leadership.
    Quality Team Membership:
  • Champion our core values of Respect, Excellence, Aspiration and Learning as part of everyday life
  • Be an active member of the Quality team, actively contribute to team meetings,  participate in group activities and the sharing of resources, experiences and ideas with team members
  • Work with the National Quality Manager in the development of planned Professional Development and Quality Development days
  • Maintain a high level of customer and staff satisfaction by delivering on expectations and providing support where necessary
    What success looks like:
  • Internal moderation processes completed on schedule, with a high level of accuracy
  • Positive feedback from SSBs on all external moderation events
  • Excellent programme of resources available to the Academic staff for all programmes
  • Assessment processes – completed to agreed deadlines, using prescribed assessment documents
  • All new tutors effectively inducted into their roles, as outlined in NZMA’s Induction Process
  • All course materials are reviewed and updated as per agreed timelines and schedules
  • Involvement in the recruitment and development of all tutors within teaching teams
    What you need to have:
  • Extensive experience in an industry sector relevant to one or more of the current teaching disciplines offered in the T&C Group
  • Experience in coordinating/managing group training experience in a multi-cultural environment
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the New Zealand education industry and especially the tertiary sector
  • Experience of the NZQA/TEC education processes – or clear potential to understand and operate effectively within this environment
  • Proven ability to set high goals for personal and group accomplishment, along with experience in measuring results and monitor progress in achievement
  • Experience in working within a multi-cultural environment and connecting with a local community– preferably Maori/Pacific Island and/or international students
  • Demonstrated commitment to represent and be a strong advocate for students
  • High level of interpersonal, communication and presentation skills.
  • A degree qualification in education or in one of the current teaching disciplines that NZMA offers
  • Personal integrity, trustworthiness and credibility
  • Passionate about individual, team and organisational learning – authentic desire to support the success of others
  • Interested and excited about cultural diversity and developing relationships within a community
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills
  • People oriented and able to command respect
  • Positive and persistent when faced with setbacks or unplanned events
  • Self-starter with a high level of energy, drive and motivation, and the ability to focus these into achievement of identified accountabilities and targets
  • Establishing courses of action for self and others to ensure that work is completed efficiently
  • Uses appropriate delegation to create a sense of ownership of higher-level organisational issues and encourages individuals to stretch beyond their current abilities
  • Loyal team player, supportive of team members and committed to team success
  • Working effectively and cooperatively with others; establishing and maintaining good working relationships
  • Organising action to improve existing conditions and processes; using appropriate methods to identify opportunities, implement solutions and measure impact.
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