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Full Time from April 9th, 2018 until April 5th, 2019
Title:                            Property Officer
Reports to:                 ACG Education Property/Property Managers(2) and Facilities Manager
Location:                    ACG Senior College (66 Lorne St) and ACG Pathways Campus (345 Queen St)    

Key Accountabilities & Objectives  
Buildings and Plant
  • Key focus area is to ensure facilities are maintained to a high standard
  • Responsible for and/or undertake basic maintenance tasks in respect of buildings and school equipment.
  • Carry out regular inspections of all buildings to record maintenance, H & S issues, and ensure any such maintenance is undertaken etc.
  • Oversight of all service contracts that relate to property and plant, e.g. security, lifts, air conditioning, electrical.
  • Carry out all regular compliance inspections as required by Building warrant of Fitness and record findings in the compliance book and ensure any remedial work has been carried out.
  • Operate and manage on a daily basis the buildings BMS and ACG Property Helpdesk (CAFM)
  • Long term Maintenance Plan, monitor and implement.
  • Liaise with the ACG Education Property/Facilities manager where required.
Security and Safety
  • Responsibility for campus security and security systems (including CCTV), including security staff, keys, alarm system, gates etc. and afterhours access as required.
  • Implement and monitor contractor sign in procedures.
  • Liaise with subcontractors/tradesmen on matters of vehicle parking, security, building access, and safety etc. when they are working on site.
  • Ensure that contractors comply with the ACG Code of Practice.
  • Liaison with the CafĂ© contractors/staff as necessary.
  • Oversight of the cleaning contracts
  • Ensure that toilets are in a clean condition (in liaison with the cleaners)
  • Occasional assistance with cleaning when emergencies arise.
  • Ensure that the footpaths, covered walkways and building exteriors are kept clean.
H & S
  • Ensure H & S systems are implemented effectively and any risks that may be identified are reported to the principal/ACG H & S Officer.
  • Ensure any agreement with Civil Defence is adhered to.
  • Ensure efficient and cost effective use of all utilities.
  • Monitor on a regular basis the usage of power, gas and water.
School Equipment, Furniture and Fittings
  • Responsibility for equipment, repairs and maintenance of furniture and fittings.
  • Responsibility for furniture purchases, delivery and allocation (see Cooperation attachment)
  • Ensure that school gardens and car park areas are tidy and litter free.
  • Supervise and liaise with contractors to ensure that grounds are maintained.
  • Report any theft of property or issues that may require an insurance claim.
  • Contacting police if necessary.
Fixed assets
  • Assist with the ordering and placement of new assets and relocate furniture and equipment as may be required by ACG Education Property/Facilities Manager or Principal.
  • Monitor and keep records relating to staff car parking.
  • Create and maintain a good working relationships with teachers and support staff.
  • Ensure that all tasks assigned are completed efficiently and with due regard to health and safety and hygiene.
  • Carry out other assigned duties as may be required from time to time, in line with the above, e.g. shifting of furniture, preparation for prize giving and other functions.
  • Ensure that all invoices received for property match the orders and quotations.
  • And any other duties as may be reasonably required by the ACG Property Managers /Principal or Facilities Manager.
This job description is subject to annual review  

In order to deliver the above, ACG Education will provide any reasonable personal protective equipment and in conjunction with Health and Safety requirements, ensure that appropriate clothing is worn when undertaking such tasks.  

Relationships & Key Stakeholders
  • Property Team (Property Managers, Facilities Manager & Project Manager)
  • Director of Schools
  • School Principals & other Property Officers
  • CEOs of Vocational Colleges & Campus Managers
  • Health & Safety Coordinator 
  • Maintenance contractors
  • Property consultants (architects, project managers, engineers, building services, quantity surveyors etc.)
  • Industry partners 
Team Size: Nil
Budget: TBC
Date: March 2018 
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