ACG Strathallan
Full Time from July 5th, 2018
  1.  Ensure the professional running of the Centre and maintenance of high quality standards
  2.  Implement management policies and ensure that all statutory requirements are met
  3.  Promote the philosophy and educational aims of ACG to staff and parents
  4.  Co-ordinate long term and daily programmes for the Centre, and monitor progress
  5.  Provide support for staff and parents and be a good role model
  6.  Maintain an attitude of flexibility
  7.  Exercise responsible judgement involving decisions related to children


  • Teach as required
  • Ensure that the Centre operates a programme of Early Childhood Education and care to meet the individual needs of each child
  • Support, direct, encourage and train staff in all areas of childcare
  • Assist Staff in the preparation and organisation of materials and activities, so that children are stimulated and interested to choose areas of play
  • Take responsibility for safety, hygiene and maintenance of equipment
  • Take overall responsibility for support and communication with parents and other agencies
  • Organise purchasing of supplies and to supervise preparation and serving of food  
  • Implement management policies with regular evaluation
  • Take responsibility for the day-to-day management and maintenance of the centre
  • Take responsibility for maintaining the Centre’s records
  • Prepare the annual budget in liaison with the Principal
  • Liaise with the Principal over all matters pertaining to the overall management of the Centre
  • Liaise with the Principal over Primary school enrolments and the transition for children from Preschool to School  
  • Ensure that scheduled duties and staff rosters are adhered to
  • Organise regular Staff Meetings and encourage staff goals and performance with regular appraisals
  • Be involved in interviewing and employment of staff in conjunction with the Principal and Academic Colleges Group HR staff
  • Ensure proper induction procedures are followed
  • Co-ordinate the professional development of staff
  • Co-ordinate in-house training as applicable
  • Keep personal professional development up to date
  • Co-ordinate and supervise the Advice and Guidance programme for provisionally registered teachers  
Contribution to the Wider Campus
  • To attend and assist at ‘Open Days’ as requested  
Standards and Assistance
As a staff member of the Preschool Centre it is expected that the Employee will maintain high personal and professional standards which are above average for staff working in Preschools in New Zealand.  This requires that the Employee:  
  • Maintains a high standard of conduct, dress, language and manner
  • Performs all other duties as may reasonably be required by the Principal
This Schedule is subject to annual review.
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