ACG Strathallan offers a world-class, values-driven, international education in Karaka, Auckland. Located on a beautiful green campus, the ACG Strathallan community is warm, friendly and offers the highest standards of pastoral care.

Our strong emphasis on academic learning is supported by an innovative, international curriculum and the highest quality teachers.  Our students become success stories because they’re given individual attention in an environment that celebrates diversity and fosters growth. We combine quality education with traditional values, in a caring learning environment that brings out the very best in each student.

We are now looking for an exceptional Primary School Principal to join the team at ACG Strathallan.  The ideal candidate will be a talented professional who has the following key attributes and characteristics:
  • A passionate educationalist with demonstrated excellence in teaching and a record of achievement as an innovative educator.     Proven experience as a senior leader in a school, or a related educational setting having held some accountability at different functional levels including academics, finance and other business functions.
  • A demonstrated track record of strategic innovation and implementation.
  • Proven commercial and business acumen.
  • Advocate of the Cambridge curriculum.

A highly competitive remuneration package will be offered.
ACG Strathallan
Full Time from September 29th, 2018
The Principal has the responsibility of turning the ACG vision and philosophy into tangible managerial objectives through people leadership and sound operational disciplines. 

This will involve:
  • Directing, developing and expanding all activities related to the effective operation of the ACG School.
  • Working within budget and achieving annual financial goals
  • Setting and achieving superior standards in terms of academic outcomes, staff management and student services
  • Co-operating with other ACG Principals/Heads to achieve Group goals and efficiencies.
The key focus will be the consistent delivery of excellence in student learning opportunities, welfare provision and budget adherence.

Specifically the Principal will:

Promote the quality of teaching and learning within the School

a)  Curriculum
  • Ensure the provision of high quality learning programmes for students
  • Establish academic objectives and targets consistent with clear academic outcomes
  • Oversee curriculum development
  • Supervise the academic programme
  • Ensure accreditations are developed and current
b)  Assessment
  • Ensure an assessment programme is in place to monitor student performance
  • Develop the use of appropriate benchmarks and recognised outcomes assessment tools; assessment schedules and portfolio requirements
c)  Reporting to students and parents
  • Develop appropriate reporting to parents electronically and as traditional school reports
d)  Quality/Appraisal
  • Manage and improve the performance of the academic and administrative staff
  • Promote group teaching, individual learning programmes, creativity and ICT
  • Oversee the appraisal system
  • Teach, if required
  • Stay informed and up-to-date with professional and educational issues
Take responsibility for student welfare and discipline in the school
  • Set a positive tone for guidance and welfare
  • Maintain appropriate standards of behaviour
  • Implement the pastoral care system
  • Support teachers and deans in their discipline and attendance
  • Oversee pastoral care meetings
  • Maintain uniform standards
    Maintain School discipline records electronically
  • Promote extra-curricular activities and clubs / after school programmes
  • Ensure appropriate co-curricular programmes are in place
Manage staff according to Human Resources policies
  • Promote a congenial and stimulating work environment where employees feel valued and motivated, in keeping with the goal of attracting and retaining top talent
  • Ensure the cost of staffing and recruitment remains within budget
  • Ensure the allocation of classes, specialist teaching etc. and staff scheduling and management time are within budget
  • Orientation/advice and guidance programmes for new staff
  • Manage staff leave, attendance, conduct, professionalism and the rewarding of achievements, appraisal and professional development
  • Promote a safe and healthy work environment, being vigilant in identifying and managing any hazards
Provide effective operational management
a) Systems
  • Ensure the construction of, and adherence to, documented systems and procedures of best practice operation e.g. the recording of systems and site specific procedures in electronic handbooks/manuals etc.
  • Conduct regular reviews of progress against the budget/targets addressing any unanticipated slippage and identifying contingency actions for each anticipated risk to delivery
  • Manage the budget effectively, reviewing progress and addressing any shortfalls
  • Ensure emergency procedures are documented and promulgated
b) Marketing
  • Maintain close ties with all elements of the broader school community
  • Represent and promote ACG generally in a way that enhances the reputation of the Group
  • Be involved in, and implement a marketing plan for the School
  • Ensure the website content is current
  • Take a leading role in the enrolment of new students
  • Meet parents as required
  • Plan and coordinate student graduations and/or similar events
  • Take an active role in public relations – promoting the school through the production of new and revised school publications and marketing strategies including: Board reports, Curriculum documents, Plans, Curriculum Resource Plans, Co-curricular Plans, Yearbook, Parent Handbooks, Bulletins, School Event Publications and the ACG Website
c) Reporting
  • Regular progress reporting to the CEO or nominee
d) Health & Safety
  • Support health & safety programmes for students and staff
  • Provide on-going communication with parents, staff and students
  • Run school assemblies/graduations from time to time
  • Produce regular school newsletters
In addition to the above, the Principal may be requested to perform any other reasonable additional duties and responsibilities.

This Schedule is subject to annual review.
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