New Zealand Management Academies
Full Time from January 14th, 2019
Position Title:                                    Business Tutor  
Location:                                           Waikato  
Reports to:                                        Head of Faculty  
Direct Reports:                                 None                    
Date:                                                  September 2018

Purpose of the Position:
NZMA aims to be an innovative and progressive supplier of tertiary or vocational learning for local and international students.  

The purpose of the role is to ensure that each NZMA student is provided with an optimal total learning experience – where they are welcomed into the Academy, treated with cultural understanding and respect, provided with quality teaching and learning support, given guidance and help and assisted in finding a job to meet their capabilities and preferences.  

The role of Business Tutor is a challenging one combining the provision of quality tutoring, the development of course material to keep abreast of industry standards and being an inspiring tutor focused upon developing and building student capability.

Key Accountabilities:

  • Provide effective student centred tuition in the area of Business to the standards required for the course 
  • Provide an environment which supports and enhances learning and skill development
  • Ensure that students completing the course are ready for work in a business environment.  In addition to knowledge and technical skills this includes interview skills, motivation, attitude, grooming, presentation and self confidence
  • Be involved in the preparation of assessment and teaching materials
  • Mark formative and summative assessments and maintain full, complete and up to date records of students, as required by the company, NZQA and funding providers
  • Provide feedback, guidance and support for students as required to assist in the achievement of the learning outcomes
  • Assist as a key member of the academic team in the achievement of key academy objectives
  • Learn and understand the NCEA system and goals, the NZQA processes and systems and NZMA’s academic policies and procedures
  • Keep up to date with developments in your own specialised areas of tuition and related developments in industry
  • Maintain contacts with key individuals in retail management and human resource roles within the industry, with the purpose of inviting them in as guest speakers or moderators
Student Support:
  • Act as a role model for students.  Specifically behaviour, conduct, appearance, attitude and dress are of a standard generally acceptable in a corporate office
  • As a vocational training organisation, sustainable employment is our end goal for students.  Ensuring you are a “Work Ready’ role model at all times
  • Incorporate ‘Work Ready’ strategies into your day to day teachings
  • Act as an ambassador for NZMA at all times and perform the duties of the position in accordance with the organisations core values of Respect, Excellence, Aspiration and Learning
  • Apply the NZMA student rules and academy rules, equally to all students

Record Keeping and Marking:

•             Maintain full and complete records in accordance with company policy
•             Ensure that the records maintained meet the requirements of NZQA, funding providers, current privacy and freedom of information legislation •             Mark all work submitted by students, in accordance with NZMA policy, and return it to students within seven working days

Moderation & Course Development:

•             Participate in the tutor’s functional meetings, and to undertake all tasks agreed at these meetings
•             If appointed to an Internal Moderation Committee, to function as a member of that committee


•             Work with the other members of the branch team to ensure that the courses that you teach are at all times full

Staff Development:

•             To agree with management, commit to and achieve a personal programme of staff development in accordance with company policy


•             Be an active member of the academic team.  This includes support for the Academy Manager and other members of the team
•             Be an active member of the wider NZMA team participating in group activities and sharing resources, experiences and ideas with tutors from other academies

Key Outcomes or Measures (to be set annually):

•             Number of complete Unit Standards achieved by students as a proportion of the Units in the course
•             Number of complete non Unit based subjects achieved by students as a proportion of the non-unit based subjects in the course
•             Proportion of students who complete the course with an attendance rate of over 80%
•             Proportion of students who gain entry into and return for the next semester
•             Proportion of students who gain the required academic outcomes from the course
•             Proportion of students completing the course who have an outcome of either employment or further education and training
•             Regular reviews of records in accordance with the Programme Evaluation Specifications
•             Absence of complaints
•             Positive observation and student feedback

Key Relationships:

•             Director of New Zealand Students
•             Academy Manager
•             Deputy Campus Principals
•             Tutors
•             Administrators
•             Students
•             NZMA Careers
•             Student Advisors
•             Human Resource team

•             Funding providers
•             Community organisations
•             Guest speakers and specialist tutors.
•             Industry and employers
•             Suppliers

Person Specification: | Skills & Experience:
•             Extensive experience in the business industry including a supervisory or managerial role for at least 12 months
•             Strong technical skills in MS office, database management systems and report writing.
•             Minimum qualification of national certificate in business level 5 or the ability to achieve this through recognition of prior learning
•             Group training experience in a multi-cultural environment
•             Excellent time management skills with the ability to prioritise complex workloads and reach goals or targets on time
•             Workplace assessor unit standard 4098, or the willingness to complete this in support
•             Experience of the NCEA/NZQA/TEC education processes – or clear potential to understand and operate effectively within this environment •             Experience of working within a multi-cultural environment and connecting with a local community– preferably Maori/Pacific Island
•             Demonstrated commitment to represent and be a strong advocate for students
•             High level of interpersonal, communication and presentation skills. 

Behavioral Competencies:
  • Personal integrity, trustworthiness and credibility
  • Interested and excited about cultural diversity and developing relationships within a community
  • Positive and persistent when faced with setbacks or unplanned events
  • Self-starter with a high level of energy, drive and motivation, and the ability to focus these into achievements of identified accountabilities and targets; An innovative, creative thinker
  • Expressing thoughts, feeling and ideas in a clear, succinct, and compelling manner in both individual and group situations; adjusting language to capture the attention of the audience
  • Providing timely coaching, guidance, and feedback to help others excel on the job and meet key accountabilities; Passionate about individual, team and organisational learning
  • Working effectively and cooperatively with others; establishing and maintaining good working relationships; a loyal team player, committed to NZMA team success
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