We are looking for a meticulously presented, service focused and organised person to be our new and Stockroom Coordinator & Receptionist Support for our Auckland CBD Campus and Salon.   This is a busy and varied role with responsibility for providing the highest level of customer service to all visitors and customers while supporting the operation of the Campus, Salon and Stockroom.
Cut Above Academy
Full Time from November 5th, 2018
Reporting to:        Campus Manager
Functional Relationships with: Sales Executive, Head of Training, Customer Services Officer, Trainers
Based at:              Reception

To coordinate the stockroom to ensure he effective running of the salon and to provide the highest level of professional customer service to all visitors/customers as the face of the campus 

Duties and responsibilities:
There are six key performance areas for the Receptionist/Stockroom Support. These are:
1.    Stock room: Ensure stock is managed in line with Company policy and procedures.
2.      Customer service: Our customers/visitors are greeted in a welcoming, positive manner and are assisted with any queries regarding the campus or courses, ensuring a rating of min 4 out of 5 from customers.
3.      Administration: All administration duties relating to this role are completed within campus policies and procedures
4.      Administration support: The manager and other admin staff are supported with general administration tasks to a high standard with confidentiality being maintained
5.    Handling payments: Student fees/other payments are collected and managed efficiently within one month of course start dates, ensuring all steps taken are within the law and company policies
6.       Company values: Supports the values of the organisation and actively demonstrates understanding

Within these key performance areas there are a range of duties which include (but are not limited to):

Stock room (Cut Above)
Primary responsibility of the Stockroom:
•          Keeping Inventory of all equipment, resources arid stock. Records to be accurate at all times
•          Reconcile retail/ professional stock for weekly salon orders. All stock is reconciled and compiled on time
•          Reconcile stock received against invoice/ packing slip and sign. All ordered stock is reconciled
•          Bar code and price incoming stock. All bar coding and pricing is correct
•          Deliver stock to salons and classrooms. Shelve stock and rotate. Stock rotated, and levels maintained
•          Issue equipment kits to new students. Entitled students receive kit and accurate documentation is kept
•          Maintain accurate records of issued student !<its. Records of kits issued to students are accurate
•          To organise repairs when necessary to student's kit items
•          Ensure loan equipment is readily available and returned in good repair
•          Maintain accurate records of equipment on loan to staff/ students
•          Adhere to Cut Above procedure for equipment left behind by students
•          Organise Cut Above Salon laundry requirements  

Customer service

•          Answering all incoming calls in a prompt, courteous manner
•          Arranging interview times and sending out prospectuses
•          Interacting with students in a professional manner
•          Contributing to any improvement opportunities
•          Handling queries and offering support to customers/visitors in the reception area
•          Supporting our students with all enquiries by managing them or guiding them to the right person
•          Managing the student cafe kitchen rosters and following up with classes on duty
•          Any additional duties required to ensure high customer service levels are maintained  


•          All telephone calls are answered promptly and handled professionally
•          Student learning resources are ordered and managed efficiently
•          General office supplies for the campus are ordered and stock take is maintained
•          General administration duties relating are completed within campus policies and procedures such as: Photocopying, binding, printing certificates and result notices, filing, entering attendance records, collecting and sorting mail
•          All visitors and students are greeted in a welcoming, positive manner and are assisted with any queries regarding the campus or courses.
•         Any other duties required to ensure the administration area maintains a high level of service to all guests and customers
•          Workbook ordering
•          Entering attendance records and completing any follow-up contacts to students who are absent in conjunction with Class Trainer
•          Ordering supplies
•          Banking
•          Stock takes
•          Training room set-up and resource preparation
•          Organising computer log-ins and IDs for students.
•          Any other duty the Campus Manager requires

Administration support
•          Expense claims process, credit card returns and petty cash handled as required
•          Assisting with general duties to help the CSO, Sales Executives and Management Team as needed
•          Being employment focussed with students at all times and support all employment initiatives of the business
•          Any other general administration support as required   Handling payments
•          Banking requirements are managed and comply with company policies and procedures
•          Deposits are collected and banked for all student enrolments and other incoming payments
•          Assisting students with Studylink Applications
•          Back up to ensure ACG Trust accounts are created and align with student enrolment information  

Behaviour and team interaction is aligned to a/16 company values

Support the values of the organisation:  
Company Values
Act Positively
Drive Innovation
Pursue Excellence  
Have Fun
Demonstrate Integrity
Develop People  

Starting Salary

$33,000 p.a (out of Auckland Receptionist)
$33,990 p.a. (Auckland Receptionist)

If meeting KPls  
                                                            Non-Auckland                       Auckland
1st Anniversary                                     $34,500 pa                         $35,535 pa
2nd Anniversary                                    $35,000 pa                         $36,050 pa
3rd Anniversary                                     $36,000 pa                         $37,080 pa

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