New Zealand Management Academies
Full Time from April 29th, 2019
Role Purpose: Support tutors initial and on-going development as tutors, using LLN skills development as a view into core teaching capabilities.   Excellence
  • Actively drive the development and on-going improvement of a tutor role induction for all new teaching staff – work with Heads of Faculty and Senior Tutors to ensure they are fully involved in the induction of new tutors
  • Support tutor understanding of the assessment processes and requirements, embedding LLN into classroom delivery
  • Work with Heads of Faculty and Senior Tutors to support them in continually improving their lesson plans and teaching resources and to support their teams in doing the same
  • Monitor and report on LNAAT participation and outcomes across NZMA
  • Coordinate Heads of Faculty and Senior Tutors to monitor and observe classroom delivery coupled with standards of assessment, analyse the feedback and provide areas of academic support identified
  • Support staff development needs with an emphasis on core teaching capability across the teaching team – communicate these to the National Quality Manager /Campus Managers and ensure they are incorporated into planned PD days
  • Monitor the progress of Tutors in their training & delivery through observations & discussions with Line Managers
  • Support Heads of Faculty and Tutors in the implementation of the LNAAT. 
  • Support development of Tutor capability in incorporating blended learning techniques into classroom delivery to increase learner engagement
  • Support the development of integrated resources for both teaching and learning, and assessment
  • Support new initiatives and implementation as required
  • Work closely with the Heads of Faculty and Senior Tutors to facilitate, support and monitor academic staff involvement in developing and handing in training plans, handouts and resource lists for upcoming delivery sessions.
  • Liaise with Campus Managers and regarding the performance of Heads of Faculty and Senior Tutors in the implementation of all required academic processes and teaching delivery and management of their teams. Support the identification and addressing of specific development needs
  To be successful you will have:
  • Experience in the tertiary education sector in a tutor development role
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the New Zealand Education Industry and especially the tertiary sector
  • Experience of NZQA policies and processes
  • High level of interpersonal, communication and presentation skills
  • Passionate about individual, team and organisational learning
  • High levels of energy, drive and motivation
  • Organising action to improve existing conditions and processes
  • People orientated
Ability to influence and persuade
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